Freedom Foundry

harnessing the power of archetypes in exploring your identity

REWriting your own story



This is an in-depth two-day workshop, exploring your personal life story with the help of 12 separate archetypes - a model by Carol Pearson, based on the work of Carl Jung. We explore how archetypes are currently manifesting in your life right now, and also consider them in relation to your life events so far (which can of course be a private reflection). We take a look at how they manifest in different parts of your life, and which of those archetypes is at the core of your own personal brand and life purpose.

You then are able to create a personal mythology that both gives your life meaning up to this point and helps you clarify your future direction. We use principles from Nancy Kline’s Time To Think methodology to ensure deep reflection and clarity of thought.



London 2 Day Workshop

Intellectually stimulating and
emotionally/cognitively transformative.
— Attendee