We all experience moments in life where we stop and ask questions. Whatever brought us to this place, the feelings of uncertainty and confusion are the same. Thoughts swim around in your mind... What am I really here for? What’s the point? Who am I? What’s my purpose? Am I really doing the right thing with my life?

This work is based on the idea that whatever has happened so far in your life is just fine. Your past is simply what brought you to this point... and now it’s time for the next step.

Together we will focus on clarity, on reclaiming your past in a powerful way and without judgment. We will focus on extracting the essential truth of your story and supporting you in using that to create a future that is uniquely yours and uniquely exciting.

Imagine knowing exactly what your life journey was for.
Imagine being truly and powerfully yourself in all situations.
Imagine having the freedom to achieve what you wanted to.
Imagine having the freedom to do the things that really mattered to you.
Imagine having the freedom to live a life that truly fulfilled you.


What will we be working on?

  • What makes us feel stuck

  • What makes us feel motivated

  • How our beliefs affect our behaviours

  • How we relate to others

  • What helps us feel stable

  • How we get things done

  • How we learn

  • How easily we relate to change

We explore in depth 12 separate archetypes (based on Jung - a model by Carol Pearson). From there we take the journey back to becoming who we truly are, and then start to build the foundation of a new life chapter with a fresh perspective and the freedom to make choices. This work is not simply about self-discovery, it’s also about self-empowerment, ownership, awareness and the creative call to be able to move forward in a way you feel best suits you.




What ARE people saying?

"The atmosphere was safe, the group supportive. The course so well designed and facilitated so beautifully. It's like learning a language that can be applied in all areas of my life." - Annabel Knight

"This was a game changer in coming to understand my life's journey so far. Extremely impactful! I will be able to use this work in all aspects of my life. " - Claire Cripps

"Significant! It has really stayed with me and has strongly influenced my thinking and approach already." - Jonathan Whiskerd

"Great impact. This work is transformative. Truly life changing." - Barbara Pursey

"Showed me the intensity of my life, left me feeling quite badass :). Realised why most of my longings and frustrations are as they are." - Nadine Furer

“It has been of lasting use to me in helping assess potential career moves, and being aware of my strengths and weaker spots as a senior leader.” - Judicaelle Hammond

“It gave me a new perspective on who I was... I still reflect on this today and I would definitely recommend it." - Olivia Otim

"I feel this could be a breakthrough." - Laeticia Richards

“For anyone interested in the concept of archetypes and/or who would just like to discover more about their personality and life journey, this workshop could unearth wondrous things for them.” - Kathryn Jones

"This is a great course... can be life changing." Sonia Kounasso

"Effective and innovative.  Deep thinking but gentle." Sophie Daniels

"My biggest win was understanding the potential of my journey, which helped me grow personally and professionally.  An extraordinary lightbulb moment - highly recommended!" Gyongyi Salla


Angela Blacklaw has worked as a trainer and facilitator for over 25 years, and has been working with archetypes for the past 15. This work has taken Angela to many different places. She has extensive experience in the fields of executive and business coaching, training, facilitation, personal development, wellbeing, resilience and leadership development. Over the years Angela has worked with musicians, civil servants, students, high court judges, doctors, nurses and midwives as well as people working in finance, nuclear, and insurance sectors.

Based in the UK, Angela has also worked in Europe and Mexico. Qualifications in Organisation Development, Human Resource Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time To Think and Personality Testing, together with a passion for lifelong learning to create memorable and powerful experiences, form the basis of all workshops delivered by Angela and her team.